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Evershine was set up in 2007 as a General Maintenance & Professional Cleaning Company in AbuDhabi, United Arab Emirates to provide the highest quality cleaning services to all kinds of buildings ,including residences, businesses and offices. We're also proud to inform we've all our cleaning & maintenance services in Abu Dhabi

Looking for best cleaning services in Abu Dhabi? We are here to help you with our impressive range of cleaning services. Evershine, a cleaning and maintenance company in Abu Dabih, has many years of experience in this field. We have trained and qualified persons to fulfill your residential as well as commercial cleaning requirements.


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Cleaning Services

Evershine provides  a complete range of cleaning services and solution for offices apartments, commercial and private properties

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General Manitenance

Whether you moved into a newly built villa or you have renovated your apartment, or you have purchased a new office, you can avail our General Maintenance Service

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Pest Control (starting soon)

pest control services include termite inspections, termite control, house fumigation, cockroach control, bed bug removal, spider control, mice and rat extermination and lots more.

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Residential Cleaning  Abu Dhabi

People in Abu dhabi hardly  time to clean their house because many of them stay busy in their professional life or in other activities. Our residential cleaning services are specifically introduced for these kinds of people.
We can provide you a wide range of cleaning service as per your requirements. We are experts in dusting that is a good cleaning method to eliminate cobwebs, particles and other hidden as well visible contaminants from flooring, tiling, carpets and rugs, mop cleaning and area rugs. We believe in quality work, so our qualified cleaners use the natural products in cleaning that make your belongings neat and clean without any side effects.

Commercial Cleaning Service in Abu Dhabi

People who have offices or warehouse, they need to contact the professional cleaners or cleaning and maintenance company to fulfill their cleaning needs. People who hire cleaners, they are not lazy, but the professional and qualified cleaners can provide the neat and clean work in much less time. There are other benefits as well, such as: Peace of Mind You do not need to focus on the cleaning department. You can fully concentrate on your business. If you hire us, you do not need to require any supervision on cleaning work, our staff is trained with all kinds of cleaning and maintenance work.

Expert Cleaning

At Evershine Cleaning and Maintenance company, we have developed a team of expert and qualified clears who are not only expert in cleaning your flooring, but they can handle the cleaning of any kind of machinery and other devices as well. We have a number of tools available that can give a marvelous look to your office.
SOFA & CARPET CLEANING The cleaners need to keep various factors in mind while doing Sofa & carpet cleaning such as children in the house, about the domestic pets, any allergic person in the house, etc. As the professional cleaners, we first check the carpet at your place and then decide which cleaning method is suitable for the material of your carpet. We understand the amount you spent in your carpet so we clean them in such a way that the carpet can't get any damage.
You can knock the door of Evershine anytime, our professional cleaners are always ready to provide expert residential and commercial cleaning services as per your expectations. Call us on 02 55 31851, we would love to help you.


Professional Cleaning Company in Abu dhabi

Evershine offers complete cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & surrounding area anywhere in UAE at affordable cost. Try us first time and you'll love to use our service forever

Evershine provides a complete range of cleaning services and solutions for offices, apartments, commercial and private properties.

Evershine has a team of fully trained staff that is well versed with the latest cleaning and general maintenance techniques and methodologies. We offer a wide range of general maintenance.