Who we are

Few Words About Us..

Evershine General Maintenance & Professional Cleaning Company was set up in 2007 in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates to provide the highest quality cleaning and general maintenance services to all kinds of buildings, including residences, businesses and offices. At Evershine we help our clients to enjoy bright and beautiful, clean look to building exteriors and facades while at the same time ensuring neat and clean, healthy and hygienic interiors for occupants to live and work. Our comprehensive cleaning and general maintenance services help property owners in asset management and thereby ensure longer life of their buildings.

Here are the key features that make us uniquely different, and also one of the most professional cleaning and maintenece companies in Abu Dhabi

We possess wealth of local knowledge in building maintenance and cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. We know how to clean or how to fix and we can meet varied cleaning/general maintenance needs and requirements in an efficient and effective manner. Our staff is fully trained and is well versed with the latest and the best international practices. All our employees are screened with background checks, and previous employment verifications before being considered for employment. We uphold the highest standards for employment and ensure that we have the best people in our team to represent Evershine appropriately and to offer you the best cleaning/ General Maintenance services. We make use of state-of-the-art cleaning & general maintenance equipment to offer quality cleaning /general maintenance services. All the products that we use are trusted for their quality and compliance to global standards in terms of health and environment. Currently, we have a growing list of clients who trust us with all their cleaning/general maintenance needs for their villas, apartments, offices, as well as commercial establishments, schools, colleges, and universities. Our professional cleaning and general maintenance services are cost-effective and flexible and are designed especially to meet the needs of our diverse client base with a choice of daily, weekly, monthly and annual service contracts. At Evershine, we also take care of cleaning services for special occasions like wedding, parties, and conferences.

Our Goal

Our goal is to serve our clients with professional, superior quality cleaning and general maintenence services. Through our services we aim to build long term relationship with our customers. We listen to them carefully to understand what they want and deliver the best cleaning/general maintenance solutions and services at the best prices. Evershine has been working dedicatedly to achieve this mission since 2007.

Our Strengths

A large and diverse clientele, including offices, private villas, apartments, shopping malls, stores, schools, colleges, factories and management. A team of thoroughly professional and dedicated personnel whom we have selected very carefully Understanding and fulfilling our client expectations

Excellent service record

To deliver professional cleaning and general maintenece services of the highest standards, Evershine takes care of the following:

  • We take proper care of our surroundings and hygiene.
  • Our personnel have been well-trained and they are made to discharge their duties as per the entire satisfaction of clients.
  • Our personnel take care of their cleaning/general maintenance equipment and products when delivering service. They keep them properly and safely, ensuring that no inconvenience is caused to our clients and customers.
  • Evershine UAE is also leader in Building maintenance in Abu Dhabi, along with our full range of cleaning services for home, commercial spaces, industrial buildings, post construction cleaning.