Tadweer E-contract System For Public Health Pest Control

Mandatory Pest Control E-Contract

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi is taking a step ahead to manage waste and to implement proper pest control system through its Agency, Tadweer and enforced by Department of Health.

With Reference to Circular No. 06 for the year 2021 issued by the Tadweer and Circular 62 for the year 2021 issued by Department of Health requiring all Medical and Pharmaceutical Facilities to register in the Unified system to obtain E-Contract for Pest Control from Tadweer approved pest control companies.

It’s mandatory for all Clinics, Pharmacies, Laboratories, PCR Testing centers, Medical centers, Hospitals, Physiotherapy and Home care facilities to obtain the E-contract for pest prior to starting operation, renewing facility or practicing license and transferring the facility to a new location.

Life Cycle of Tadweer E-contract System For Public Health Pest Control

Not only the above mentioned facilities but all business entities and Government offices like Utility Sub-stations, Bus stations, Restaurants, workshops, Ship yards, Warehouses, Construction sites, Factories, Schools, Hotels, Residential indoor, Residential outdoor, Villa complex, Leisure/Sports/Entertainment/ Amusement facilities, Commercial offices, ,Food processing facilities, Labor camps, Grocery shops, Hypermarkets, Malls, Airports, Slaughter houses, Commercial animal barns, Sea ports, Land ports, Education centers, Veterinary clinics, sewage treatment plants, Fresh food markets, showrooms and Grain silos.

Registration Terms

  • The facility benefiting from the service must have a registered and active account with the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer)
  • Both clients and service provider must be registered on the e-services website at Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer)
  • The service provider facility must have a valid license to practice the waste management profession in the field of public health pest control issued by Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer).

All facilities benefiting from the service are required to register in advance with the e-services and obtain a user name and password as a condition for using the system. Please follow the steps below for a successful registration.

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How to register in the Tadweer system, Abu Dhabi?

  • Visit Eservices Tadweer, Click Here to Register
  • Click Registration Application
  • Enter the Trade / Commercial License No. (the details will automatically appear in the boxes)
  • Click the Register Account
  • Once registered, the Tadweer will send the Username and Password (maximum of 3 days) to the email you used for registering or the email mentioned in your Trade License
Registration Process For New Users on Tadweer E-contract System For Public Health Pest Control
  • Log-in on to the System, Click Here to Sign In
  • Right lick on Pest Control E-Contract
  • Right click on Premises, Add new Premises
  • On adding new Premises, you need the location map as you need the Longitude and Latitude of your premises or facility location. Zoom the map using double fingers and tap on your location, the degrees in the North and South hemisphere will be entered automatically in the fill-in boxes
  • After adding New Premises, Save!

How to Create a Contract?

Create Pest Control E-Contract between EVERSHINE GEN. MAINTENANCE & CLEANING LLC (Service provider) and your Facility (Beneficiary).

Details needed to create Pest Control E-Contract:

1) General Information

  • Log-in on to the System, Click Here to Sign In
  • Right lick on Pest Control E-Contract
  • Right click on Contracts, Add new contracts
  • Trade License of the Beneficiary (full name or title, address or physical location)
  • Contact Person name/ Facility Representative
  • Contact Mobile phone and Email address
  • Service provider (Selection option); type in selection box ‘EVER” then EVERSHINE GEN. MAINTENANCE & CLEANING LLC will appear, fill by right clicking
  • Select date. Discuss it with the service provider
  • Terms and Condition. You can select any 2 or 3 from the manual contract
  • Enter all the details above, save draft then click next

2) Premises

  • Select premises (Your Facility Name) by clicking on the option symbol in the fill-in box
  • Select the frequency per month. This is determined by Tadweer depending on the Premises type
  • You can also select the day the service should be done at your premises. Discuss it with your service provider depending on the type of pest control method to be used on a particular service date
  • Save draft and click next

3) Scopes

  • Select Scopes by clicking on the option symbol in the fill-in box. This will be automatic depending on Premises type
  • Save Draft and click next

4) Summary

  • Summary of the contract, read through and if everything correct then click save draft and submit

Things To Do After Creating A Contract?

Proceedings there after
  • Contract will be received by both Tadweer and Service provider.
  • Service provider will take action by either rejecting or approving the contract. In case of rejection, the service provider will specify the reason for rejection, then the Beneficiary or the facility will make correction or modification and re-submit.
  • Once contract approved by the service provider, then Tadweer will approve it also and Liaise with Department of Health to go on and grant permission to the Facility. All the information is transmitted online.
  • Beneficiary has option to print the contract by clicking on contracts on the Pest Control E-Contract dashboard then select contract list. Active contract will appear and by clicking on it, document will open and can print it.

For any assistance regarding registration and Use of the tadweer unified system, please email us at k.godfrey@evershineuae.net, or Call us at +971 50 516 4006