Complete House Cleaning Services

Our Full Cleaning Services

Evershine has a team of fully trained staff that is well versed with the latest cleaning techniques and methodologies. We offer a wide range of house cleaning services and solutions. Our cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning of Carpets: We offer vacuuming and shampooing services for carpets and rugs. Our team restore the original look and feel of your floor rugs and add a touch of warmth and luxury to your home/office interiors.
  • Sofa Shampooing: We shampoo your sofa using appropriate cleaning agents to remove the dirt and dust and other stains from it without damaging its expensive leather/suede/silk upholstery.
  • Window Glass Cleaning: A clean window reflects the cleanliness inside a home or commercial office space. We have the best equipment and material to give you spotlessly clean window glass.
  • Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets:Whether you have real wood or teak kitchen cabinets, or you have the ones made out of stainless steel, we can clean them to ensure that they enhance your kitchen interiors.
  • Bathroom Floor & Tiles Cleaning: Soap scum, shampoo, oil, and water leave tough stains on bathroom tiles and floors. With Evershine , you can have perfectly clean bathrooms.
  • Cleaning Bathtubs, Faucets, & Shower:We also clean bathtubs, faucets, and shower screens with the cleaning agents that are suitable for your bathroom fittings.
  • Floor Scrubbing & Polishing: Cleanliness of floors is integral to the beauty of a house. With our maintenece services, you can remove dirt and dust and can ensure that there are no germs and bacteria thriving in your home. We also offer polishing services to give you smooth and shiny floors.
  • Marble & Granite Polishing: As marble and granite get stains quite easily, you must maintain them regularly to prevent them from getting yellowed, stained and ugly. We offer other maintenance services including Glue removal, Staircase cleaning, Foyer cleaning, Surface Dusting and Cleaning appliances inside out.
  • Upholstery Cleaning: Refresh your furniture with our upholstery cleaning in Dubai delivered by trained specialists. Steam and dry cleaning. Stain treatment and removal.Our cleaner will come with all the necessary machines, instruments and detergents to clean your upholstery or curtains efficiently and safely

The cleaners need to keep various factors in mind while doing Sofa & carpet cleaning such as children in the house, about the domestic pets, any allergic person in the house, etc. As the professional cleaners, we first check the carpet at your place and then decide which cleaning method is suitable for the material of your carpet. We understand the amount you spent in your carpet so we clean them in such a way that the carpet can’t get any damage.

Maid Service in Abu Dhabi:

Along with professional maid services in Abu Dhabi, We offer other maintenance services including Glue removal, Staircase cleaning, Foyer cleaning, Surface Dusting and Cleaning appliances inside out covering all of UAE.

We customise our cleaning services to meet your individual cleaning needs and requirements. Depending on your needs, you can call over our professional cleaners once a week, once a month or bi-monthly, or as and when you feel the need for cleaning services.

At Evershine we make use of the highest quality cleaning products to offer you unparalleled cleaning services. We use products that comply with the global standards in terms of health and environment. We know our customers care for the environment and so do we.

Our cleaning services are quite affordable. Use our services and make your home/office neat, clean and hygienic and to keep your expensive floors, windows, cabinets and bathtubs in good condition for long.

Our home maids in dubai will clean from top to bottom and get rid of any dirt, dust, grime and stains. Our teams are equipped with high-end professional equipment provided by the leading manufacturers in the industry.

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